Perfect Palm Applicator
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Autoglym Perfect Palm Applicator

$29.90 including GST

Product Description

The Autoglym Perfect Palm Applicator is a handy foam pad that can be used to apply many Autoglym products. It is washable, reusable and will give you many years of use

The carefully selected foam density ensures that just the right amount of product can be applied to surfaces, and the straight edges allow you to work up to gaps in the panels. The finger cut-outs make this pad really comfortable to use and you can even grip it upside down if you need to!

Perfect Palm Applicator can be used with the following Autoglym products:

  • Active Insect Remover
  • Bumper & Trim Gel
  • Car Glass Polish
  • Instant Tyre Dressing
  • Leather Care Balm
  • Paint Renovator
  • Super Resin Polish
  • Ultra Deep Shine

Pro Tip

Always apply using an even and widely dispersed pressure. Never use your thumb or apply pressure in a single focused spot. (this is why the Perfect Palm Applicator has only mouldings for your four fingers)

Care instructions

After use, wash in warm soapy water and allow to air dry