Barry’s Top Tips

Its spring time so how do you get your car ready for summer, first get your pride & joy out & give it the Autoglym once over. Check out Barry’s Shop for details

Start with a Bodywork Shampoo wash. Then dry off and polish with Super Resin Polish. Clean all the windows with Fast Glass. Wheels with Auroglym Clean Wheels. Tyres with Instant Tyre Dressing If you have any questions about what Autoglym products you need for a specific job either contact me directly or check out my videos on this website. Enjoy your nice clean car and have a great driving summer….. best regards Barry

Its winter time and you are driving in the dark more often. You can reduce the glare from oncoming headlights with Autoglym Fast Glass cleaner.

Plus remember that the sun is going to be lower in the sky during the day increasing the effect of smudged windscreen and sun glare. Check out Barry’s Shop for details

Autoglym Fast Glass is a quick spray on, wipe off cleaner for glass, mirrors, perspex, acrylic and plastic windows, that cuts through dirt easily. This Fast Glass cleaner is for use on glass from both the inside and outside. Fast Glass is free from abrasives and quickly removes road grime, insect remains, tree sap, oil, grease


Your car really doesn’t need sunblock in the summer time

The one time that Sun Block is bad ….. I am sure that you know that children love to place them hands on and draw pictures on any dust or road grime on your car with disastrous effects on your paintwork, but did you know that Sun Block cream smeared onto your paintwork is even worse as it eats through the clear coat and into the base coat paint below. Best avoided.

Always use a battery optimiser when storing your vehicle

Always connect a tool called a “battery optimiser” to your battery when storing your vehicle for more than 3 weeks. This trickles a charge into your battery, and at the same time discharges the battery to keep it in the same condition as if you were using the vehicle. Barry’s Garage can supply you with the right optimiser for your battery – just check out our online shop for more information.

Prepare your car for Winter

Wash, clean, polish the vehicle, with Autoglym Super Resin Polish, then apply Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection  on top of the polish (as an added protective layer on the bodywork).
Check all tyre tread depth, condition & tyre pressures.
Ask your mechanic to check the state of your battery (winter is when they tend to fail) and pack your jumper leads just in case.
Clean / check / replace windscreen wiper blades and top up the windscreen washer with Autoglym All Season Screen Wash.

If you wake up and find frost on your car windscreen then use one of those plastic cards in your wallet to scrape the frost off or use cold water (Never use hot water it will quickly freeze  and could crack your windscreen)