Car and motorcycle care products

Your car or motorbike needs special attention to keep it looking its best

Barry’s Garage Shop can supply you with top quality products for the following categories including the Autoglym range of products. Our fitting service and “pick and delivery” service can help make it your life even easier, and will ensure that your car is ready to drive when you are.


  • Car cleaning and detailing supplies
    We can supply a large range of car cleaning and detailing products from the world reknown Autoglym range of car care products (who hold a royal appointment for the Queen and HRH Prince of Wales. Everything from polishes, leather care, wheel cleaning, tyre protection and more, will make detailing your car easier and deliver a long lasting, top class result.

    Have a look at our recommended steps for detailing your car

    Check out the Autoglym car videos  and the Autoglym motorbike videos and contact us for more information

  • Alloy wheel damage repair

    We can arrange to have those scrapes and gouges on your alloy wheels repaired to look virtually new. So next time your car is in contact with the gutter curb, please get in touch with us and we can sort it out for you for only $95 incl GST per wheel.

  • Battery optimiser

    These terrific devices feed a trickle of electricity into the battery and draw power at the same time to keep both car and motorbike batteries in tip-top condition. All vehicle batteries depend on having both usage and charge at the same time and this is impossible to achieve without using these devices.

  • Car storage covers

    Looks after your car’s polish job and protects your paint work from dust, insects and moisture. the covers we recommend are breathable and easy to fit and take off again.

  • Replacement batteries

    Battery optimsers help maintain a battery in top condition, but sometimes they just get worn out and you need a new one to ensure the car is 100%.

  • Car stands

    Just the thing for storing your car for longer periods. Can help save your tyres from flat spots, and reduces the need to to regularly move and reposition the car. Car stands also mean that for longer term storage periods we can turn the wheels on a regular basis to maintain lubrication.

  • Custom fitted “paint skins”

    This is a new product that is applied as a transparent veneer to the front of bonnets and car front panels and bumpers to protect your paint from stone chips.