Autoglym’s video series on car care products

This range of videos developed by Autoglym UK provide useful information about the hows and whyfores that help Autoglym’s products work so well. This video series covers a selection from Autoglym’s extensive product range.

Autoglym Professional Shampoo Conditioner (length 34 seconds)

This product features an easy rinse formulation, a pleasant fragrance and a high foaming action to more effectively cling to “traffic film” and dirt


Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection (length 40 seconds)

Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection is a durable, easy to use sealant that forms a barrier, sealing polish in and dirt out. Extra Gloss Protection is not a polish, but it protects the polish you have already applied, making it last longer, and cleaning easier.

Autoglym Custom  Wheel Cleaner (length 53 seconds)

This product features are that it cleans and removes brake dust from heavily soiled wheels and is completely acid free.

Autoglym Professional Glass Polish (length 1.12 minutes)

This product’s features include a deep cleaning treatment to impart a crystal clear finish with an ultra low dusting effect and unique anti-misting properties.

Autoglym Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit
(previously called the Fabric Hood Cleaning Kit )
(length 52 second)

This video shows you how to clean, re-water proof and protect your car’s fabric convertible top.