Cost analysis DIY vs Barry’s

Storing a vehicle yourself requires quite a few things to be in place, and in comparing DIY with Barry’s Garage it is worth while taking a  look at these factors

  1. Garage rental

    Costs for renting a carpark or standalone garage in Wellington range from the most basic version at $50 per week to $110 or more per week for an inner city location.

  2. Electricity

    Most carparks and garages for rent in Wellington do not come with an electrical point. This creates a problem as car and bike batteries need regular usage and charging (see our More Info section for things to consider when storing a vehicle). If you can gain access to an electricity point then this is likely to cost $15 to $20 per month.

  3. Security monitoring

    Your vehicle is valuable and the best way to protect your vehicle is to have monitored security alarms. This will likely cost between $20 and $30 per month.

    Even better if you can have CCTV monitoring as used by Barry’s Garage.

  4. Rodent control
    Rats and mice can be a real problem, and cause expensive, lasting damage. Baits and traps are good but have to be monitored and renewed.

  5. Regular check by a trusted knowledgeable person

    A regular at least weekly check by a vehicle savvy person can be invaluable.

Just imagine some of these scenarios spoiling your day

  • You have a battery optimiser connected, but for the some reason it has tripped   a fuse, and stopped working.
  • A small bird has sneaked in and under your car cover or worse you don’t have a car cover but you now have a new speckled paint job
  • You arrive back at your car ready for your much anticipated sunday drive and – you find a flat tyre because of a slow leak you had not noticed
  • Oh no your WOF has expired