Important facts about storing your vehicle

There are a lot of important things that need to taken into account when storing a car or bike for a short or long period of time. We can help you by taking care of all of this for you.

  • Clean and dry your vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned and dried inside and out. Remembering to check in the boot and under the spare tyre. (Often the rubber seal on older vehicles can become hard or dry rotted and allow moisture to accumulateand encourage rust)

  • Engine coolant – Replace the coolant in the radiator with a anti corrosive antifreeze coolant if it has not been replaced in the past 3 years and make sure it is topped up. (Using water is not recommended as it can cause rust or build-up)

  • Engine oil – the engine oil and oil filter should be replaced before storing for longer periods (3 months or more) as oil has a limited life of about 6 months (even when not being used), and accumulates moisture, acids, shavings etc which will cause deteriorationover time

  • Fuel tank – the fuel tank should be topped up to help prevent moisture build-up and a fuel conditioner should be added to help prevent old fuel turning into varnish

  • Top up all fluids – brake fluid, power steering, window wiper fluid etc

  • Tyres – over inflating the tyres by about 10 psi will help to prevent flat spots developing. Even better store the vehicle up on vehicle blocks or arrange to have the car moved regularly to change tyre position

  • Battery – we recommend attach a battery optimiser which trickle charges and discharges the battery simultaneously to keep your battery in tip top condition and ready for use. At a minimum the battery terminals should be disconnected and the terminals coated in vaseline for protection against corrosion

  • Windows – leave the windows slightly lowered to allow air circulation and help prevent moisture build-up, and for longer term storage it is a good idea to place a silica gel pack inside to soak up any moisture (all air contains moisture so this is important even if you think your car is dry inside)