Motorcycle storage

Keep your motorbikes safe in our secure storage area, and we can help you have your bike ready to go when you need it at any time.

Motorcycle storage

  • storage in our “motorcyles only” storage area

  • locked storage for your motorcycling gear

  • free “uncovered car parking” provided while you ride your bike or we can provide secure under cover parking for your car by arrangement whilst you are away on your bike trip

  • We can also pick up and deliver your motorbike using our van

Standard pre-storage checklist servicing includes:

Connection of battery maintainer (see more details)

Fuel conditoner added for longer term storage

tyre inflation checking and movement to prevent flat spots on the tyres

fuel tank top-up when storing for a longer period to prevent moisture build up

pre-ride servicing option

Extra servicing options to keep your bike on the road

  • we can arrange for WOF checks to be carried out on your behalf

  • regular starting of your bike (useful for bikes using fuel pumps)

  • services including arranging mechanical servicing

    (remember you need to change the engine oil at least every 6 months for optimum engine performance)

  • type inflation with our “on-site” air compressor