Autoglym’s top 10 tips for cleaning your car

Follow these 10 tips from Autoglym for cleaning your car to ensure your car stays in showroom condition:

Autoglym HiTech Finishing

1. Clean, polish and protect – in that order.

2. Do not use household products to clean your car. Use Autoglym’s range of professional vehicle cleaning, polishing and care products.

3. Give yourself time. It is always best to work on your car out of direct sunlight. The products will not dry out and you can do the job properly.

4. Avoid washing your car on a gravel drive when using a high power hose or pressure washer.

5. When cleaning your wheels, work on one at a time, ensuring it is cool to the touch. Apply the cleaner from the bottom up to avoid run marks.

6. When cleaning the bodywork rinse thoroughly to remove loose dirt. Always wash from the cleanest area to the dirtiest, usually top to bottom.

7. Do not apply silicone based products to your pedals or steering wheel as it can make them slippery. Just give them a good clean.

8. After you have cleaned your interior, leave doors and windows open if possible so fabrics can fully dry.

9. After you have finished take a step back and make sure you haven’t missed any areas.

10. Avoid parking under trees or bridges to avoid bird droppings and other damage to your paintwork.