Active Insect Remover

$29.90 including GST


Product Description

Active Insect Remover safely breaks down and removes insect remains from paintwork, glass, number plates and lights. Insects splattered on your vehicle bodywork spoil the look of your car and can cause damage to the paintwork.

Active Insect Remover is a simple to use “spray on, wipe off” product, allowing you to quickly remove squashed insects (even ones baked on by the sun). The rich foam soaks the remains and gently loosens them from the vehicle.
Keep a bottle in your boot to remove insect residue as required, or use as a pre-soak spray to loosen stubborn remains before a full body wash with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner.
Pro Tip: This is a great preventative maintenance product. If ignored, insect remains can cause marks which may require polishing or more serious rectification work
How to use
1. Park your vehicle out of direct sunlight if at all possible. Shake the bottle well and spray onto the insect remains. Allow approximately 30 seconds for insect remains to become softened.
2. Wipe the surface with either the Autoglym Perfect palm applicator, a soft cloth or hose off if used prior to a full vehicle body wash.
3. Avoid using on hot surfaces whenever possible. Stubborn insect remains may require a second application.
4. If the product dries on, buff with a dampened cloth sprayed with Active Insect Remover