Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine

Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine

$54.90 including GST


Product Description

Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine is specially formulated to produce a smear free, deep gloss on all paint types, particularly dark colours & modern water based finishes

Regular polishing with Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine removes harmful surface contaminants & imparts a tough gloss to preserve expensive paintwork. Special emulsifiers & conditioning agents clean & condition paintwork & provide a uniform gloss, free of swirls & haze.

Ultra Deep Shine is a polish for use on black and dark coloured cars suffering from excessive swirling, fine scratches or holograms.

Ultra Deep Shine is an ‘all-in-one’ formula that polishes and protects in one. For this reason Ultra Deep Shine should not be followed by use of Extra Gloss Protection or High Definition Wax.

Pro Tip: Do not allow the product to dry onto the paintwork for a long time, apply to just one panel, allow to dry, then buff off immediately.

Note: If you have already used Autoglym Super Resin Polish on your car, then there is no need to use Ultra Deep Shine.

How to use

1. Wash and dry vehicle, shake well, then apply to the paint surface with a clean cotton cloth or Perfect Palm Applicator using a light circular motion.

2. Apply to only one panel at a time, increasing the pressure if necessary to remove fine scratches or oxidation.

3. Allow to dry to haze then finally buff to a high gloss using a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth.